Stephanie Lynn Santo



Mental Health Counselor and future Post-Baccalaureate Student

Stephanie is a post-bacc student-to-be, as well as a mental health counselor and policy fellow. She was previously a graduate intern with the International Council of Psychologists to the United Nations as well. She did not know she wanted to practice medicine until two years ago after she made a commitment to her master’s program. She has a Bachelor’s from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in psychology and communication (with a minor and several certificates), a Master’s in counseling for mental health and wellness from New York University, and a certificate in human rights from Columbia University. She hopes to do research in neuroscience and psychiatry, as well as several other disciplines (e.g. audiology, engineering, dentistry, optometry). Outside of medicine, she is interested in screenwriting, acting, memoir writing, reading, singing, listening to podcasts, art, ballet, media studies, learning languages, math, and playing piano (though she has a while to go before learning).