Harry Paul


Communications/Social Media Chair

MD-PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Harry Paul (he/him/his) is a disabled MD-PhD student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
He began his career in scientific research during high school, when he worked for three years on bioengineering research about the disease he was born with, congenital scoliosis. He focused on creating implants that would reduce the number of surgeries a child would endure as well as created a novel testing system to allow scientific innovation in a too-stagnant field. His work earned him a place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, where he won two special awards and three grand awards, including 1st place and Best in Category, placing him in the top-twenty worldwide. He was subsequently invited by President Barack Obama to present his research at the White House Science Fair, where he discussed the need for the patient perspective in driving innovation. Harry was one of the few attendees that day who had the opportunity to meet directly with President Obama, who later shared some aspects of their conversation in a nationally-televised address.
Harry then began school at Tufts University, where he double-majored in Biochemistry and Community Health. Much of his work outside of the research lab was in medical anthropology, where he wrote about early childhood experiences in the intensive care unit. He was a leader on campus in political organizing, taught health education to high school students in the greater Boston area, and performed bioengineering research in intestinal immunology.
At Hopkins, Harry is planning to pursue a PhD in immunology alongside his MD studies. His disability work began early in his first year of medical school, as he realized how many more barriers existed within medicine than in other spaces, as well as the importance of learning about disabilities for him and his peers. His work on disabilities was recently published on KevinMD.
He is on the Student Advisory Council to the President of JHU for COVID-19, and advocates tirelessly for the needs of disabled students in reopening plans, PPE, and accommodations surrounding the pandemic. He is an active member of the MSTP, serving on the Diversity Student Council. He has a great interest in admissions to medical school and how it can be used to recruit and support disabled students. To this end, he co-chaired the MSTP Second Look committee, the MD Second Look committee, and the MD orientation committee. Harry is the president and founder of Disabled @ Hopkins Med. He is on the Diversity Committee of the American Physician Scientists Association and the First Aid Official Contributor Team, helping to curate research and graphics about disabilities for the 2021 edition.
He advocates and writes about the experience of being disabled in medicine and researches immunology and infectious diseases. He is active on twitter @_HarryPaul_.